PEEAAAASE Help my friend!

Something is wrong with my friends server b/c when she need to set herself up as the owner it shows that nobody’s on the game, when she IS on!

First of all, calm down.

Second, are there any runtime errors? And does she have the correct IP/port settings?

I believe the administrative status variable is stored in the files associated with her account. If you should change it to 4 or 5, she should receive administrative status. However, this is just masking the initial problem, but should correct the problem of her not being owner.
Apparently, this isn’t the case, I am probably thinking of something completely different, I apologize for the mis-information.

Your friend has more then one server open; have your friend use ctrl+alt+del to open the task manager and kill the multiple Server.exe’s, or check your system tray by the clock (when you minimize a server it goes there).
Alternatively, your friend can restart their computer, and will notice they can alter their access now, upon loading one instance of the server.

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