[ES] Map resizing / deleting maps

Last question for a while, I promise.

I’ve researched this problem, but need clarification.
If auto-scrolling is already enabled, do I still need to delete all the maps?
I’m assuming that is the case, since I receive an error now when I try to launch the server:

' Spawn all the mapped items on their specified tile.
    For Y = 0 To MAX_MAPY
        For X = 0 To MAX_MAPX
            If Map(MapNum).Tile(X, Y).Type = TILE_TYPE_ITEM Then
                If (Item(Map(MapNum).Tile(X, Y).Data1).Type = ITEM_TYPE_CURRENCY Or Item(Map(MapNum).Tile(X, Y).Data1).Stackable = 1) And Map(MapNum).Tile(X, Y).Data2 <= 0 Then
                    Call SpawnItem(Map(MapNum).Tile(X, Y).Data1, 1, MapNum, X, Y)
                    Call SpawnItem(Map(MapNum).Tile(X, Y).Data1, Map(MapNum).Tile(X, Y).Data2, MapNum, X, Y)
                End If
            End If
        Next X
    Next Y

Just wanted to make sure before I wipe my maps.
And if so, when I delete all the map files, does it create a new map1 automatically on relaunch?

If you in any way, shape or form change the map UDT either by sourcing it or selecting various map-based options then you’ll need to delete them.

Okay, sweet.

But what’s the difference in the Server and Client map files?

The server had 50 files (default blank ones) but the Client only had the file for first map.

The server has all the maps for the entire game. The client caches these maps so the server doesn’t need to re-send all the data every time the client logs on.

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