I have a rather big question to ALL of you who’s been with these game-creation communities from the start.

The one and only reason to why I started developing in Mirage etc, was because of this game

called Silent-Shadows, Silent-Shadows Classic, SS-Compendium ETC. Mirage/Elysium/Konfuze-based.

Many versions was released, by a guy called Psychoboy, which now has everything put to sleep, everything is gone. I have all the old versions on my computer as well as backups and stuff, but I was wondering if any of you guys have ever encountered this epic game, since it’s the absolute best game I’ve ever played.

The first versions was released by PB and some guy called Lord Phrozen I believe.
PB is a really awesome programmer and he made so many key features that made the game really interesting to play.

This game was around when I was like 8 years old, to about 2 years ago.

SS/SSC used an itemset that is totally unfamiliar to me aswell, it’s from several different sources.

The armors look like this:

I need to know where they are from!

The heads look like this:

These I also want to identify… 😞

The weapons look like this but I already figured that they are from Ragnarok Online:

I have all the sheets downloaded as well as a massive amount of custom weapons but I can’t find the heads/armors. 😞

It seems SS was first based off MS 3.0.3 and PB and Lord Phrozen seemed to know DFA since he wrote about them on echostorms.net

Please help if you got anything! Send me an email: arvidsson.marcus -at- hotmail.com