Does anyone know of a good website for buying and selling anime/manga?  I’d like a site similar to ebay but more exclusive.  I’ve been looking to add to my collection lately and I have the preference of purchasing the “special/limited/collector’s” editions of most of the series that I like.  Some of the older DVDs are rarer so I’ve been trying to find a place where I can find them cheaper used (ebay and amazon don’t always help).

Thanks for any suggestions! 🙂

How about free sites to watch online?



You don’t need to buy.

If you read the whole post he’s obviously a collector. Why would anyone buy manga/anime other wise? XD

But sorry, don’t know where to look for those. But i think you can buy the DBZ uncut series box on the dbz site.

Go ask /a/, you’ll find a lot of buyers on there.

Yeah /a/ is the default place for all anime stuff. I tried getting an Anime board here, but nooo … people didn’t want us to take away the attention from /a/. ;D

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