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Hey i’m just a little ol’ game maker, that would love to open up his game for all to play, but my computer is pretty old but it works fine as far as i’m concerned. BUT I do need to shut off my computer every night witch disables the server. So to fix the problem i’ve been considering buying a online server host so my site could be up 24/7 and take a bit of a load of my computer. But i don’t know how that works, i found a good tutorial on it but i can seem to find it again. So if anyone has done this befor, or knows how could they help me, i’d rather be informed of how this works befor i spend money on it.

You would have to make sure it is a windows server (or mess with wine) and it would most likely have to be dedicated. This would cost you a decent amount of money. As for the process I am not sure. There was a user offering free Eclipse hosting though I am not sure if he is still doing it. Check the website section believe its Zanoak.

You could also do it off a small windows VPS.

Thanks Marsh I’ll go look that up.

NGHS- Please explain to me how you’d do that. I fairly inexperienced in the world of web hosting.


A VPS is a Virtual Server, just take your computer and cut it into smaller ones, the following diagram should help you understand.

So, its just like a normal computer, its own dedicated ram, processing power and disk space. Most hosts that have a windows VPS package will also install a remote control program, which lets you see what your server is doing, and you could just download eclipse and run it.

I know its a hard idea to grasp, but its a good way.

So would this allow me to turn-off, restart, reboot, or refresh my computer with minimal server disruption?

No, you would be paying a server hosting company. So basically it stays online, and you can shut the server down and start it and what not, i have not tried this, but i know eclipse works on Win Server and i know that the screen viewing programs work.

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