Need replacement client files

Does anyone have an unedited “.ZIP” Client and Server copy?

It seems something happened when I restored My system to an earlier state earlier this week, and I’ve lost most of my files for My Project “SoW”.

Real Shame, that. It was going so well too.

The Reason I ask is that I don’t have Rareware (Needed to run .rar items) and thus cant get the files back myself.

If Someone has the files can you please upload them to a shareware site (Mediafire would be best for me.) so I can replace my lost files?

Thanks in Advance,

why not just get 7zip and get them yourself?

Umm… I’m guessing this is Incomplete. If Not I have no Idea what 7zip is.

Other reasons I dont get them myself:

Firefox keeps track of things I’ve downloaded, But My PC has been acting up recently so I wanted to delete the cookies from it and accidently deleted all the download history by misteke.

could someone please help me?

7zip is the better of extraction programs, like your rareware.

And what doesn deleting your download history have to do with anything?

7zip or winrar is your choice bro.

WinRAR is supposed to be paid for, but once you download it, the trial never runs out.

it has annoying reminders though. and 7zip is more efficient. and doesnt have annoying reminders.

Deleteing my Download history made me not be able to re-obtain the file from my browser.

Anyways, I looked Over my computer again and found some spare files in another folder. I no longer need anyone to transfer any for me.

Thanks anyways,

PS: I’m going to lock the post now.

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