Programmer For a Future Pokemon MMORPG

We don’t have any yet

My team has:
3 GFX artists (That are doing all the overworld sprites)
3 Storywritters
1 Mapper (He won some contests on PokeCommunity)
1 Server Hoster
1 Tileset Creator

We basically have all the resources and to top that off we are hard working and committed we won’t let the game die and we do our deadlines

Time Era:
The game will take 10 years after DPP era

Gameplay type:

What do we have done:
We have a Icon for the Game
All of Kanto/Johto/Hoenn Exterior Ripped
All the Battle Sprites (This includes Custom Event Only Pokemons)
All of Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua Overword Sprites done (This includes also Chars from the manga and the anime. Just Team Rocket is 30 Sprites)

-Custom Tileset (Ripped from Kanto/Hoenn and Custom from Johto/Sinnoh. It will all be in FrLg Style)
-Custom Musics
-HgSs Pokemon Sprites for Shiny Pokemons and DPP for normal ones
-Custom Overworld Sprites
-Animations for most of the tiles that have animation
-Custom eggs (They all have hatching animation)
-All Pokemon Cries and Footprints
-We have a lot of Custom Badges and Ribbons
-All FrLg/DPP Battle Backgrouns
-Attack Animations
-All Items from the game and some custom ones
-Alph of Ruins Puzzles
-Region Map Creator

We don’t have any yet

To Close:
So has you can see all we need is a programmer so if you want to help out just say something in this thread.

We don’t mind if you only can help out Part Time because we accept any help that comes in our way.

Thanks for reading this thread and I hopo you consider helping us

It’ll be impossible to make a pokémon game without a programmer who is both fluent in VB6 and knows Eclipse well.

Good luck finding someone.

I know it will be hard i’m not saying it won’t. But we don’t really want to rush this we wan’t to take our time and see people having fun.

If takes 1 year to get it right that’s not a problem.

If anyone want’s to help that would be cool. 🙂

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