[Help] Character Info Show frmChars

I’m gone and then try it does not work.

Code examples that I do
  sub Pic1_Click()
    lblName.Caption = GetPlayerName(MyIndex) & GetPlayerLevel(MyIndex)
  End Sub

But it did not work.

Who can help answer that

Thank you
Very Sorry English Not Good

Well, naturally, it needs to use networking.  So, it’s a lot different… If you’re familiar with how networking works in VB6, then it should be a breeze, I’m not really too familiar with WinSock in VB6, or I’d explain it better.  Sorry.

I’m sure I can help you out if you elaborate on the issue a little more. I don’t exactly understand what you’re trying to do. Do you think you can please explain to me in further detail?

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking, it’s kinda hard not knowing what he’s doing completely in-depth.  If it’s just regular character stats, I think it’d be easy as copying all the stats, putting them on his form, then editing whatever makes the stats update, by copy and pasting that code, and changing the pasted one to effect on whatever form, or picture box.


Well, naturally, it needs to use networking.

No it doesn’t.

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