Is there any limit?

  After many time inactive on my project, I’ve decided to start it again. I started to gather a lot of stuff to work with… however, I’ve gathered too much. Too many tilesets and charsets and item sets… I would like to know if they have a limit. Like… I would like to merge all the tilesets I’ve got into a simple, but big one. Same with paperdoll items, I’ve got a lot of sheets and I would like to merge them (and it would create a huge paperdoll sheet).
  So, there is a limit?

Thank you, regards.

The limit to most things are probably the size of a standard vb6 integer (roughly 65 thousand).

But please keep in mind, your game will have to load all of those graphics into the user’s memory when the game is loaded; this can cause strain on the user’s computer’s resources; so if you plan to import a giant massive tileset, you’ll end up suffering the memory consequences even if you never use those graphics in-game.

I would recommend carefully looking over all of your graphics, trying to plan out which ones you will be needing and which ones you won’t be, maybe put together a spreadsheet of items for various levels, etc.

I hope this helps 🙂

If you’re using Stable or Evolution it doesn’t matter if you merge your graphics or not as they’re all loaded into memory at once.

The limits are more often than not hardcoded, not because of resources.

If you want 500mB of graphics then Stable or Evolution aren’t going to handle it.

Origins dynamically loads and unloads graphics, so that will be affected if you merge your graphics into a single sheet.

Got 30mb in charsets , 30mb on spells, 70mb on tilesets, 40mb on items… Numbers might raise a bit more (even if I follow Admiral’s tip, thing that I will do now).
  Well, thanks for your answers. If I still need help about this I will say something.

Best regards for all.

VB6 has  a uniform maximum heap stack of 256mb and a maximum array size of 2^31 - 1. You cannot exceed either of those.

Just to do not open a new topic for such tiny question, what is the “custom=0” in data.ini?


if you set it to =1 it changes the character creator to customize your sprite out of the Head, Body, and Leg files in GFX.

So basically lets you make your character instead of just choosing a class with a set sprite.

Woa, another thing I didn’t knew. Thank you very much.

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