Something very wrong with my CPU or client ???

Hello I start using Eclipse evolution 2.8 2 days ago and I have very big problem I have server and client and libery files installed I open server and then opened Client but my problem is that my client dont connect to server I but right IP and PORT and client onli showing Server status: checking…

I Tried Hamachi but same problem I alredy tryed Eclipse evolution 2.7, eclipse evolution 2.8 and eclipse-stable, same problem with all versions. I just cat get in. I tried some other games wtat ppl have made over internet but same problem I cant get in eni server, no inside my local server, or over
the internet other people servers 😞  alredy tryed with anti virus offline but nothing. if I change port or ip client show me Server is offline but if I use right IP and PORT nothing happens just Server status: Checking… I use windows XP SP2.
if anyone has encountered a problem and whether there is a solution

I very much thank you for your help


read the port forwarding tutorial

Shouldn’t he be able to connect to his own server without portforwarding though? It doesn’t sound like the problem to me. ( It could be, it’s just that I don’t think it is.

No that isn’t the problem… For example me… i formatted my computer then i got eclipse working but now when i re downloaded most things back it wont work. So its something you downloaded which makes the client useless (It does say when the server is offline, but when the server is online it keeps checking.)

~so far the only solution i found was formatting.

But why would you format your hard drive JUST for eclipse?
There must be a better way to fix this.

I wanted to see IF it would fix it and it did.

Thx alot guys, and special thx to Ilpoonu, now i know ther is some program whats interfere client work i start seeking and try mabe delete some non needed stuff 😉  Thanks alot.


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