Speed and magic are switched

K guys i am using Eclipse Stable and when i lvl up and put a point on speed it puts the point in magic and wen i set
point on magic it sets on speed can someone pls fix it for me and send me link.

Wait… why…

In ES, are the names for Speed, Magic displayed on the GUI, if so… Just edit the GUI.
If not… Open the source… and swap the buttons that level it up.

all codes are fine and I dont know how to fix gui can you fix it for me pls

ok so im lvlg up and im geding stat points but wen i put s point on speed it says you get more magic and
my MP gets biger and when i put on magic it says you get more speed.The ather stats are fine can someone pls help
me fix it i dont know how to use VB 6 to fix it but i have it and if the problem is in script can tell me what to fix
if the problem is in GUI pls send me a fixd one becose i am rely bad at GUI’s cant do enything there.


It sounds like a script error.

What version of eclipse do you use?

Eclipse Stable  and daths my main
~main removed~
~admiral refuge

So how can i fix the problem

can you upload the usingstatpoints.ess please…

Please stop making new topics with the same issue; I’m merging everything you made into a single topic.
This is a known bug, and requires editing the source code to ultimately fix; there are scripted “half-way” fixes, but unless the stuff is also switched in the source, you’ll still have minor speed/magic issues.

I no longer have VB6 (or Windows, for that matter!) on this machine, so I’m unable to write a tutorial on how to fix this completely; I’m still waiting for someone to write one up for the community, as it’s really not all that difficult; you just need to switch the magic and speed values in the source code, in various parts of the client and stuff.

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