How to create 'bosses'

Usually in RPG games, it is not uncommon to face a ‘boss’ in a dungeon or quest who is extremely powerful. It is not uncommon for these enemies to be so much larger then your sprites. Sometimes a “bigsprite” just won’t cut it…for example:

Do you guys have any ways to make this possible?

I can’t think of much, all I can come up with his create a boss NPC, make it black so it will be invisible…create the stats for the boss in the npc…The boss’ sprite would be in tile format, maybe two different tile sets, animate them together to give it some liveliness…block all around him then put the invisible sprite in the boss and NPC avoid around it so the NPC cannot move but if you atack the boss, the npc will attack you and visa versa…after its killed, maybe setup some sort of warp that teleports you out of there…

Haha, I don’t know if that makes too much sense to you, but if it does then you can see how much of a pain in the butt that would be to create over and over again.

Any suggestions people?

I have been always wanted to that big sprite into my games.

My guess would be “Dynamic Sprites” (if they go that big, don’t know the limit)
Either use eo, or rip the code from it. 😛

Well Eclipse Origins allows for Dynamic sprite sizes… so you could put in huge boss sprites. Also someone just released a source edit for Eclipse Origins that allows NPC’s to cast 2 spells (but can be edited for more of course)

So all thats left is the warp idea, which could be just be a warp tile behind the boss. 🙂


Would dynamic sprite sizes be possible for Eclipse Stable? Or is it only possible for EO since EO and other versions of Eclipse are built differently?

Anythings possible with programming. But its just not in Eclipse Stable, so you would have to program it, or like Kite said, rip the code from EO, and fix it up.

If you rip it from EO you’ll have to program it so that ES has separate sprite sheets and y-based rendering.

for the warp thing you could always make the boss drop a key and have the key open up a door leading to a warp or a ladder etc.

you jsut gave me an amazing idea for my battle system!

and you can iether do like robin said and rip it from eo or try code it in yourself into the client source

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