Background Music

The background music in my copy of eclipse stable is not playing. I’ve used the URL option and the files that came with it. Any Ideas why it won’t work? I’m posting this as a bug, though it might not really be one.

My guess is it’s a source, script, or file-type/file error. All files that came with it are not playing and i did a direct link to an MP3 over the net.

Well first, the mp3 on the internet would have to be directly linked to the song.

So when you listen to it, it should come up as a music screen in your browser. if this doesnt work, just right click the link and press ‘save link as…’

and then use the actual file. not sure if this helps, but good luck.


Well, It was Direct linked but I have not tried the “save as…” function. I’ll try it soon.

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