[EO] Formatted Sprites (RMXP)

Here are the stock sprites that came with EE series formatted for EO.
I think they are of the RMXP variety.
They are formatted for direction and proper walking animation.
A couple might need adjusting(you see the back of the head of the previous frame) but it’s only 1 or 2 and you most likely wont use them.

I like them, they look kind of better then the default ones!

all i did was change background color(cause black is not a good one), then align them in the proper sequence, then split them into their strips and rename all of them.

Found a cool program to do it called Splitz.
I am looking at items now…

didnt robin write that program

he wrote the engine yes… and I am configuring some resources for it.

Well this works great. Thanks.

glad you like it. I also have 10 of over 200 items done.

You really enjoyed the engine  ;D

nice work 😄

? I think EO is our best engine. yes.

Dude shadowwulf, i should have seen ur posts earlier :{ ive been fixing images from ES to EO format for a long time and im barely done.

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