Attack Damage Question

Hello Community, i got again a slight question ( as always lol ).

I just relized that, when my character got 400 dmg, he is not dealing that 400 dmg, everytime i attack it seems like the server generates random numbers from 1-400 lol, cause i sometime deal 200 then again 40 then 1 then 80 etc.

Maybe there is anyone outthere who can explain me why.

@[member=“Kaymak”] I’ll look into it ASAP. What engine are you using?

Eclipse Mega thats based on EO3.0 i guess @Hackertatio: thank you alot

@[member=“Kaymak”] I would recommend Eclipse Final Frontier as it is a highly modified version of Eclipse Mega.

@[member=“Hackertatio”] cant i just copy the combat formular from EFF to Mega?

I mean you could… is it a code error.

no, i think you didnt understand what i want to know… the Combat Formular is the same like on every other engine.

But why it hits like random generated numbers when i attack a Monster. Shouldnt the character deal 200 dmg +/- (With 200 atk dmg)  not like 1 dmg against a monster with 0 End.

@[member=“Kaymak”] I see.

@[member=“Hackertatio”] but probably you could help me with that simple question… when i equip a item the STR on the character Window does not update only after the relog the correct STR shows in the character window… is there any function that updates the character stats?

When I get home I can get you the exact damage formula and exactly how it works.

This is all just from memory, but if I remember correctly, adding damage to your items only increases your potential damage. The actual damage that you inflict is a random number from 1 to your maximum, inclusively.

@[member=“SkywardRiver”] thanks alot !

@[member=“Kaymak”] I can help with the stat issue when I get home if has not been answered.

@[member=“Hackertatio”] thank you alot !

@[member=“Kaymak”] NP anytime to help a fellow eclipsian.

They should add a minimum dmg that way you don’t deal damage as low as 1. Especially if you’re a higher level that’s ridiculous.


A decent graph for scaling abilities & modifiers.

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