RE: run-time-error-2005530516-8876086c-automation-error

So I ran into this same problem

When trying to run a custom version of EO on my new little HP mini 5101.  I did what the suggestions said and now it works. But I have concerns. Didn’t I just delete something that someone else might have needed on their computer?

Isn’t there a way of fixing this that doesn’t require VB6 and the source files? I mean I’m not going to be giving a copy of my source to every person I want to play the game and not every person playing my game will have VB6.

So what happens when they have the same problem or a related one?

EXACT SAMETHING IM HAVING TROUBLE WITH! COME ON HERE AND SEE THIS THREAD UNSOLVED LIKE WHAT IN THE HELL? And if your game popular not all those people gonna wanna install or even find visual basic 6 that be stupid! So can someone respond to his question please, theres a simple way of fixing this issue, -Recommanded I will not download anything. It works properly on my main game, but not on others that try to access the content or those that have try to play. I bought a new labtop which I have 2 now. And get this error :/.

This question was posted in 2013…. but

Eclipse Engine requires run time files… they’re realy old libraries that you have to install to get this running… eclipse isn’t a game… it’s an engine to make games. if you wish to modify the engine you need Visual Basics 6, if you have a problem with that use EO silver or EO gold.

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