What I'm currently working on. 7-25-13

Currently editing and adding all graphics,music,sounds and such. When I finish that I can release the game and build more while others play.

Good luck! Your project looks interesting 😄

Thanks a lot Adams coming from a Vet that means a lot to me.

While editing my player sprite / characters, I decided to make all characters (that the players use and pick) almost unrecognizable as male or female.  I also added 4 different types of skin color, and all eye color is grey/black for the player.

My goal in doing this was to make it flexible for anyone to be able to relate to their character. I hated how in Grand Theft Auto you were forced to play as a single race of character that you wanted to believe was you doing all this crazy stuff, but couldn’t because you couldn’t relate to your character. What if I were African American and didn’t like playing as a white guy? OR what if I was Chinese and didn’t like having dark brown skin? What if I were a girl and didn’t like playing as a guy?

In my game, you will be able to pick at the very least your skin type. From there you can wear different equipment to make your character look more to your liking. If you are a girl and feel like the starting character looks a bit too much like a guy for your tastes, there will be equipment options for you that should better suit your needs. The same fits for hair options as well, as you shouldn’t be able to tell what color a players character hair is. The other reason for doing this was to keep the option for visual looking equipping (aka paper dolls) as certain hair styles will clash with the way certain equipment  is suppose to look.

Hopefully you guys will like this idea. Share your thoughts!


I do understand I could add something to the source and have something programmed to make all this more fluid without taking away from initial individuality; however, the problem is that it is to the point with this engine that adding any single simple thing can break ten other things on the engine. Breaking any other things on this engine is only going to cause some major hold ups.

Then you need a new engine…

There are several new engines being built that have my attention.

Sadly half of them I can not talk about or share. All of them are way more broke then my own engine or far from release.

I tried my hand at the logo contest.

Wow… I really learned a lot… ( I see what everyone meant about the old logo now…)

Expect a surprisingly nice logo here after the contest is up.

90% done with faces.

Pretty sure I’m done with sprites. Kind of  feel like those are over done.

Maybe one or two more music files, otherwise done.

Backgrounds are over done.

Icons been done for a very long time.

Tile sets are also done, but I been thinking about rearranging them to make them easier to use. I do need a good waterfall set that is  free too use in a commercial game.

Seeking some decent sounds to use, the ones I’m use to seeing are ripped off from enterbrain, or copy righted some other way.

Help a lot if anyone knows of some decent ones that are free too use in commercial games. Some natural sounds like a stream, wind, and storms, and things like that would ALSO be nice.  ( don’t think too much on me mentioning the commercial part. Its just to keep my options open for future reference.) Ultimately I will find these on my own, but maybe you can help me save some time.

When I am not working with my resources I am redoing the first few major events.

Aside from adding faces to story characters, when faces were added, there was a huge bug that makes it really hard to edit my old events with it involved a “choices.” I pretty much rebuilt the events from scratch. One event took me well over 5 hours to make.

This wasn’t too big of a deal. I watched one of my friends play my game, and some of the events were just annoying. Like asking you to make a choice between two things, then no matter what you said it would say “Trick question! Doesn’t matter!”

Now… while this wasn’t done to be annoying, and mostly for testing the order and functionality  of events. I just took everything into consideration and made the choice to rebuild events. This lead to better story telling, the option to skip the story altogether, and some other useful things you wouldn’t see from just playing.

Thank you for your continued interest in Endless Waltz.,


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