Well as promised here it is!

Ok… well I know its not exactly what you were expecting…

Don’t worry though! We’ll be adding all kinds of things to this area!

I’m even thinking about making a whole topic that will ask what you guys think should be added next!

Once that “thing” has been decided on and finished, it will be deleted and replaced with a new topic for a new “Thing!”

What do you guys think about that?! No… really… I want to know what you guys think about that!!!

I’ll also be separating different parts of the original topic. Things like the opening presentation, the story, game-play mechanics, on line user rules, features/credits, and the likes.There will even be a special topic to offer criticism and suggestions (open to even the most extreme of criticism)

I’ll be deleting this topic once I start moving and separating the original topic.

So please share your thoughts while you have the opportunity to do so now! 😃

Thank you for your interest in Endless Waltz!