Can make 3d buildings and objects…

Im bored out of my mind. So if anyone wants I can make 3d things for them. I make my models in google sketchup but I can give them to you in multiple file types. These including:


I have been modeling for around 2 years in gs. I have gotten pretty good at it. Below being a few things I have made. So if you have something I could make for you just post it.

This is a scale model of a beach house that was for sale.


This is a exact model of the rainbow bridge. It was accepted into google earth untill they realzied I was to lazy to go take real pictures of the bridge for the texture.


Have you got messenger?

I have differnt things why?

Easier to talk

I don’t trust those steps in the first model…

Lol, Google Earth rejected it? Who’s Going to go all the way ower there to take a picture of a bridge just for a texture.

Keebler want to help me and Draken with COI 3D? heres how it’s looking with Stranded 3D’s models because Draken needs to get me city ones but if you would like to help pm me or erraofwar@hotmail or


I don’t trust those steps in the first model…

Haha, there’s no support under them. I wouldn’t trust them either. 😜

Looks good, though, Keebler. Definitely quite a bit of talent there. Good luck.  :azn:

lol I did’nt design the house. But supposedly it is up to code since they were selling the designs. However yes I would not use those steps either.

lol i just now noticed them… eh just add rails then they look safe XD lol

yep we could really use you on coi 3d

I registered on your forums like you asked.

k i added you to dev team 😛

Those steps are perfectly safe. Ive made thiner stairs than that and they hold after 8 years. you just have to armor it really good and it hold.

Those steps have absolutely no supports. They’re dangerous.

As i said i have made steps just like that and they hold…just have to armor the concrete right and they hold. trust me… its my job.

I dont believe in the original schematics they were made of concrete. This is a beach house and who wants concrete steps on their beach house. Only thing holding them up is railing. Which must have been some type of steel.

I do believe those stair are safe as I live down near the water and see lots of houses with those type stairs. Also Keebler, you are right they are held up by steel.

No, you silly things. The supports are invisible. For example, my house. It would appear that the stairs to my deck are nonexistant, but that is only because I went up to my Life Toolbar and used File > Invisible Supports. Great for pictures!

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