I recently downloaded the full version of Eclipse Origins, the server works fine, but whenever I try to edit my game in the Client, I get this message:

“Could not initialize DirectX. DX8VB.dll may not be registered.”

How do I fix this?

Install the runtimes

I already have done. Approximately 4 times now…


Could you try running the Runtimes Installer as an Administrator? It may simply be blocked due to permission issues.

NONE of your suggestions have worked. I’ve installed the runtimes like 25 times now, I’m always in Admin mode. Help me!

I even tried renaming “dx8vb.dll” to “DX8VB.dll” and still no luck

try to install them manualy, by right click on dll. Tryed restarting pc?

What do you mean?

Go to elevated Command Promopt. (Search for cmd -> Right Click -> Run as Admin)

Then type in:

regsvr32 dx8vb.dll

And then try running again.

Nevermind. I’m getting a new PC at some point. It’s my Graphics Card. Resolved to use EO2 for now.

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