Witch Princess - Harvest Moon Inspired RPG


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Witch Princess is a single-player RPG that was heavily inspired by mostly Harvest Moon, and maybe a tiny bit of Animal Crossing and Rune Factory.

You farm, save goddess’s from her sister whos up to no good, marry someone and start a family, go fishing, meet the unique cast of npcs, and drink at the bar.

okay there is a lot more than just that, but you get the idea. read the whole thread if you’re super curious, or just save yourself time and ask me a question.


I’m gonna marry the Witch Princess. Very nice artwork. Keep it up 🙂

Hey! How did you get such small sized and clear quality animated GIFs of your game?

I used Cropper with a plugin, but it wasn’t good.


Thank you! Your game looks great 🙂

Your art is getting better, Conker. Keep it up. 🙂

This game looks really nice, I can’t wait to see how this developes

I like your art, but I dislike the fact that you’re using GM8.

Looking good, maybe the animations should be more slower.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! 🙂

Thanks everyone.

pickup item
plant seed

I don’t think people should be complaining about Game Maker being a bad engine, on Eclipse.

Though I’m a Construct 2 supporter, I believe GM8 is alright for people like me, who just wants to make games.

I do love the eating animation! 🙂

This looks very interesting and I love the style of it.

Nice style, love the gifs.

Not sure if you’re looking for graphical advice, but the trees look like they are floating. Try moving the shadow or make the stump look more connected to the ground(perhaps a transition).



Shadow still seems a bit strange. Try moving it one pixel up 🙂

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