In a Land once so bright people lived in harmony,happy;and joyess.This land was called

tevem all people on this land were skilled in many fashions some Marksmens some swordsman
some Wizards

Until One day 2 Children went missing,the town gathered there best men and traveled in search
of the 2 children,they searched what seemed like everywhere and yet they still did not find
the children so they returned home in hope of what the morning may was early when
the towns people heard a loud noise coming from just outside the town walls they all
awoke and
ran down to see what it was to there dismay there were tens of thousands of monster.
Monsters so horrific the near site of them turned many to stone.the town was torn to shreds
the monsters killed everyone.

20 years later

As it may the children that went missing known as Teryr and Melite were not murdered infact they had begun to
repopulate the world.they and there children built many of towns and defended them
though the mass infestions of monster still existed they they did all they could to keep them out
of the towns.

40 Years Later(Present Day)

Teryr had passed and Melite growing old in her age.had gathered all the town folks to
carry out her last of wishes witch was to find out why the monsters came to tevem
And to protect The Sacred Life.After them words she had passed The Town Folk didn’t understand they spoke:“what is this sacred life she speaks of”

Still to this day no ones knows will you be the one to find out?
Join Others To Defeat The Monsters And See What is really behind all this madness

I am looking for 1 mapper and 1 pixeler,if you have no experience or aren’t that good please don’t pm me.I have put alot of time into what has been done so far and i only strive for the best on this project.

If i had to say it i would say a midevil time that is also fantasy.

1: fishing
3: crafting
6:huge maps 50x50
7:90%custom tiles (yet to be added)
8:partial custom sprites
9:attack animation
10:soon to be custom quests
11:Fully custom GUI/Music
12:Custom Spells
Features are included but not limited to all these more will be added soon

Here will be a few screenshots  but most of these maps aren’t finished as we are working as hard as we can with a team of only 2