This guide is for those who want to setup the PHP Server Admin on there computer. This guide was written for version 0.4. Ammended for account creation in 0.5 on the 14th of Feb 10.

Part 1 - AppServ Setup and PSA Extraction

1. Download AppServ from
2. Install AppServ. The installer should guide you through this step.
3. Navigate to the AppServ install directory (usually C:/AppServ).
4. Open the ‘www’ directory.
5. Extract the PHP Server Admin here.

Part 2 - PSA Setup

1. Open the PHP Server Admin directory and look for a file called ‘settings.php’.
2. Right click on this and open it with Notepad.
3. You will now need to set the values. Put your settings inside the " (speech marks). The comments included in settings.php should tell you what settings need to go where.
4. Save settings.php.

Part 3 - Create An Account

1. Open your internet browser.
2. Navigate to
3. Enter the username and password you want your new account to have.
4. Hit submit.
5. If account creation went OK the PSA will tell you. If so, delete create.php.

Part 4 - Using the PSA

1. Navigate to
2. If the PHP Server Admin has not already open look for its folder and click it.
3. If the PSA detects any incorrect settings it will tell you. It can’t check if your IP addresses are set correctly though.
4. Login.
5. Enjoy.