Take this down if there is already a post for this but I didn’t see one.

So I decided to make a controls list for Eclipse Worlds since I can see it being hard to learn them all. I am sure I will miss some since I am not 100% so feel free to add on. This is for version 1.2.6

Player Controls

Action/Hit Button - Ctrl

Target Enemies - Left Click Enemy

Walk Button - Hold Shift

Movement - Arrow Keys/WASD (WASD by default is off in the options)/Left Mouse Button

Quick Items/Skills (Don’t know the official name) - W/WASD on: 1-9, +,-

W/out WASD: F1 - F12

Pick Up Items - Double Left Click it while standing on it/Spacebar while standing on it.

Drop Items - Right click it in inventory

Equip Equipment - Double Left Click it in Inventory

Toggle Chat Mode - Enter

Developer Controls

Warping - You click where you want your character on the map with Shift + Right Mouse Button

Scroll through layers - Mouse Wheel (it only goes down instead of both directions for me)

Tileset - Middle Mouse Button

Eye Dropper Tool - Shift + Left Mouse Button (it doesn’t work for the first try)

Map Preview - Ctrl + M (not working for me at the moment)

I can’t explain what this next feature is called but it appears to take what tile you have selected and fills the map with that tile from left to right and stops right at your cursor if you press Ctrl + Left Mouse Button. I guess I’ll call it the “Fill Tool.”

That’s all I can think of right now. Like I said, if I missed something, feel free to add on in the comments.