Hi everyone,

New rules and requirements for having a sub-board for your game.


-Detailed Project Thread

-Updated atleast once a month

-Game must be atleast 3 months old or have 3 months worth of work

-Must have 2 or more screenshots

-Must not have any spam warnings.


First make sure you meet the requirements, threads that don’t meet the requirements waste our time, and will make us less willing to approve it when you do.

If you meet the requirements,

Go to main post of your thread and report it and put the subject as “sub-board request”.

Then it will go to the staff to be processed. If you get accepted you should receive a pm from someone saying it was approved.

Active Requirements:

-If your sub-board is inactive for a month and a half so 45 days you will be pm’ed and asked if its still being used. If you don’t respond by the 60 day period it will be moved to inactive projects.

If your board is moved, you must send a staff member a message asking for it to be moved back to active. It wont be moved until at least a month after being moved to inactive.