Reign Of Kings

Reign Of Kings on Steam

This game, looks awesome, 😮 all the stuff you can do. Like capture others and hang them, or chop there heads off (Or any other part of the body).

Make sure you read the “About This Game” There is a lot of cool stuff to do :S I need to get it so I can build a castle and have wars with catapults :S

The neatest thing about Reign Of Kings is that there is only one king, and anyone could be it. You just have to capture the castle and take the throne. King gives you the option to rename the realm and set taxes. (Taxes work like if you where gathering resources a percent of the amount gathered is automagicly (The about the game says ravens do it secretively) is sent to the treasure tree

Just came out today, going to buy it soon. Anyone interesting in starting a eclipse guild if you where to get it ? 😛

Seems like a lot of really cool gameplay. but the models could use a little more work, and the maps could seem less “flat”

did some more looking at it, and i think ill be making that my next investment after a new laptop lol.

Had a good session this year, check out the link for twitch video on ROK.

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