Question about Eclipse 4.0 Gold license

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Hello everyone. I’m Gleech, though I’m pretty sure none of you care. I use to hang around these forums quite a bit during the days of Eclipse Evolution 2.7, and even a small bit during some of the Eclipse Stable days. After awhile I just turned into a lurker, eagerly awaiting the next updates for Eclipse.

So everyone here knows Eclipse 4.0 comes in two versions, the free Silver, and the paid for, but unlimited, Gold. I have a question about the Gold licensing though.

Here’s my question:

If I pay for an eclipse Gold license, will it apply to any new edition of Eclipse that releases that includes a Silver/Gold licensing style? E.g. let’s say Eclipse 5.0 comes out, and it has a Silver/Gold edition licensing style. Will my license for Eclipse 4.0 Gold continue over? Or will it be like RPG Maker requiring you to shovel out the full price again and again?

Really I ask this because I don’t feel like sometime down the road paying (or at least paying full price) for another Eclipse engine when this one loses support, or even when that one loses support, and so on.

In general (if I had the money, currently I don’t have a job) I don’t mind the fact that there’s a version to pay for. I understand Eclipse has gone through a lot of free editions, and the need for money is always there. I’m also glad that there is still a free version to pick from (though it’d be nice to have a few of those limits upgraded a bit so people can make a somewhat decent game with it-- from what I’ve seen it’s very limited), and it’s very generous that this was an option in addition to Gold.

I know the average user won’t be able to answer my question about the Gold license, but if anyone knows I’d be very greatful for the information. I probably will buy Gold eventually anyway (Probably when more features are added), but I’d just like to know if there’s gonna’ be some kind of discount/give-a-way to those who already bought Gold for 4.0 when 5.0 or later comes out (if it does).

Thanks in advance! : )

The answer Is once you buy gold, you will get all the updates at no additional charge. you also get a higher level of support.

I bought gold and I can’t get them to stop supporting me. It’s a little bit too much support now…

The other day I went to brush my teeth after waking up and Amish was in my bath room trying to hand me my already tooth paste covered tooth brush. When I went back into my room Jcsnider had made my bed already, and Kibblez  had started up my laptop and had it already for me to start making my game. I’ve heard rumors that at one time they use to make you breakfast, but I’ve been told Amish is a really bad cook.

On a serious note, buying gold also shows your support for turning Eclipse into a more professional level of development tool and that you are eager to expand the community. In the past people would ask for donations, and mention that these donations might be used for “beer” or “my Runescape obsession.” It never really felt like your donation went anywhere. Amish on the other hand has already made great use of Eclipse by lending it to University of Yale to help research real world problems.

No I don’t know about you… but getting a stable version of eclipse with a positively charged group of people to work with, AND helping the world be a little bit better of a place, while knowing my money isn’t exactly going to waste… Sounds like money well spent to me.

Thanks for the responses. I plan to eventually buy Eclipse Gold when I get the money (which sadly is not right now). It just seemed to me that the details on future addons to Gold were a little vague as in “Well we’re hoping to deliver all this eventually but… we’ll see.” It’s nice to hear that people are very passionate about the project and I wish them the best.

One thing that has concerned me about the new edition of Eclipse, and this is just feedback at this point, is how there’s no way of accessing the source (even if you’re Gold, from my understanding). I understand that this is to make things easier for people to get all these cool features (E.g. guilds, etc) without needing to be experts in VB or some scripting language to add them on, and it’s also for some security issues when it comes to payments, but this limits the creativity of the users to what the engine currently supports and what those working on it are able to do at this time. See if I wanted to somehow add some kind of… I dunno’, some kind of way to simulate pirate ships by instancing maps as a players’ pirate ship and having them be required to wait a specific amount of time depending on the length of the destination – I’d have to suggest ways to make this work, which would most likely get put at the bottom of the suggestion list, and hope and pray what I suggest gets added in.

That last bit is just my own little feedback and concerns, so it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but anyway. Thanks again for the responses, and thanks for the engine. I am truely excited for the advancements Eclipse has taken recently, and am eager to see what you guys come up with to expand on it. 🙂

Actually, your specific request can be done in an easy manner if they were to ever add instanced maps. Because the event system can handle timers and waiting times, then shoot up a trigger that allows them to ‘dock’ the ship.

And to be fair, Instanced maps are fairly important for a lot of ORPGs. So I’d say that that’d be a request we can throw in without much of an issue. Right now JC seems to be focusing on bugs and popular requests though, such as pets that would attract more people to use the engine.

EDIT: There’s also two games currently running EO4.0

Haha, I actually figured it was pretty simple to do after I thought about it. I wasn’t sure if the Event system supported timers though. But anyway I think what I really mean when it comes down to it is games will lack a special designer flare… they wont have something unique that the developer of the game thought up of, but I mean as said before: There’s not much that could be done without risking the security of the payment system. Someone could easily pirate Eclipse Gold if the source were able to be edited. So I mean I don’t want you guys to get me wrong: I’m not bashing the system at all. In fact I’m glad Eclipse has made it this far in development, coming from a time when things were pretty limited. It’s nice to see things like: Character creators, character selectors, built in quest systems…

I mean really the entire topic was built around asking a simple question of will I be disappointed if Eclipse 5.0 ends up coming out with a gold edition as well. But that has pretty much been answered.

In reality, this topic should probably be closed due to everything technically being solved. I was just wondering if anyone else was going to respond to the initial topic. Thanks guys. 🙂

Off topic edit: Lol oh look, after being a member since 2007 I finally reached my 200th post… xD

if i buy a gold, can i request more system like, edit boss( or projectile for npc or npc can attack from far) ? I really really need that ….

You can request it but I doubt you’ll get it. As Stein has stated, Jc seems to be focusing on buggs and coomonly asked for features (but can’t hurt to ask about your request). I’ve had EO4 gold for a little whilenow and honestly I have not seen it change much at all. I also belive most development has been going into EO5 or atleast I hope so lol…

i paid, when i get the gold ?

Do i have to redo everything in silver ?

i paid, when i get the gold ?

Do i have to redo everything in silver ?

I don’t think so you just on server go to account sign in enter your code and save and you become gold i don’t think you loose anything.

No, you keep everything you had, you just have more options, and you’ll get gold when JC gets on next and activates it

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