Voltisoft- (2) Game Content Developers-Map, Quest, Item, Etc.

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Hi there Eclipse!

Voltisoft is a game Developer and Publisher.

Are you looking for a team to join?

We are searching for:

(2) Game Content Developers

For our new title
Parallels ORPG

Here is some insight on this title:



is a Horror ORPG based in the Victorian era. The world is divided into the real world with a Victorian setting, and an insane and twisted Reflection World hidden behind mirrors. Players will come across a cast of unique real world characters and discover the Reflection World holds insane copies of the same characters that are the main protagonists of the game. Gameplay involves mystery through an optional quest progression and events, such as the way you interact with NPCs. You will be able to progress your character in any number of ways, such as mining, or woodcutting! The world will be full of mysteries to explore which lead up to a host of interesting lore and secrets within the world.


: The pathways you choose at the very beginning of your journey

Forester (Melee/Ranged DPS) - Quick and agile on their feet, Foresters are the rangers of Parallels’ universe. They use weapons such as bows and arrows, as well as dual wielding lighter blades or axes.

Harlequin (Magical DPS) - Master of curses and chaotic spells, Harlequin have mastered offensive magic to strike down their foes. They prefer using staves or a small blade paired with a grimoire.

Machinist (Tank) - Wielding a powerful hammer to smash their foes into oblivion, and futuristic technology to maintain control of the battlefield, the Machinist makes sure enemies attack them rather than their allies. Machinists possess a very large amount of health and are highly protected with armor, as well as valued by the group.

Spiritualist (Healer) - Possessing regenerative healing magic, the Spiritualist is always a valued asset in any group. Wielding staves, these stand-offish healers focus on their magic to protect the group as well as themselves while smiting down their foes with holy magic.

Story :

The story primarily takes place around the city of Glasswater in Victorian-era England, where a master detective known as James Hill is staying within Glasswater in order to investigate a series of random deaths and people going insane for unknown reasons. It’s been reported that people are killing themselves and otherwise hallucinating or going mad when looking at themselves in the mirror. The player begins within a home, awakening and hearing strange noises coming from the neighbor’s house nearby. They arrive and find the neighbors dead and James is investigating.

Upon being questioned and forced to help in the investigation, James and the player start noticing the eerie acts of the mirror and go to a local Gypsy to ask about the events. They discover that certain items can unlock the Reflection, which allows them to confront the demons behind the mirror without going mad upon sight. The investigation continues to find a broken photo frame of the dead couple, which unlocks the Reflection for the first time, and the game’s story begins to unfold through other death cases which unlock more Reflection mirrors.

The game’s progression is based upon cases examined by Detective Hill and the player is typically required to find a certain item or perform a certain task to unlock a Mirror. Players will come across cases where people have gone mad, been haunted in their homes or killed which will drive the progression of the game.

**World Design: **
The world is divided up into two main sections

The Real World - The actual, human world.
The Reflection - The twisted world hidden behind mirrors, every character within is a polar opposite of their real world counterparts. A sane doctor in the real world is an insane murderer in this world, and vice-versa.

The game’s two worlds can be travelled between via mirrors around the world, each transporting the player to a different region of the world based on their real world location. Mirrors are unlocked with their corresponding keys, which can be items of all kinds found throughout the world.

In the Reflection world, the regions are based on different evil moral values. A region with few inhabitants and open areas might be called Loneliness, while an area filled with riches may be called Greed. In the case of major dungeons and raid areas, their names come from Phobias that describe the environment or selection of enemies/challenges within that area.

Dungeons and Raids are mostly based within The Reflection and are based on different fear syndromes. They are headed by the physical form of the phobia they are encountering (Such as a massive spider if in the Arachnophobia raid, simply referred to in game as ‘Arachnophobia’ ). Raids are known in the game as Phobias.

Phobias :
Raids are exceptionally challenging dungeons. They can usually be found in empty areas, surrounded by that which the Phobia consists of and require multiple players to complete.

Phobias consist of a several powerful bosses, separated by groups of difficult enemies. Each Phobia will end with the players defeating the very essence of that phobia. The look and feel of each phobia will resemble the phobia itself, as well.

Powerful gear, challenging achievements, and pathways to even harder missions and Phobias are unlocked through the completion of an earlier Phobia.

An example of a Phobia players may encounter could be called ‘Achluophobia’ which is Fear of Darkness, players could refer to the Phobia as Achluo, instead of typing out the entire name every time. Within Achluophobia, the area would intensely dark with enemies popping out from any direction with occasional open spaces with 1 very powerful monster, a boss. After trekking through the Phobia, and killing a few epic bosses, you encounter Achluo him/herself and fight.

Phobias get progressively harder the higher level Phobia it is, and the farther into the Phobia you go, with the final boss being the hardest out of it all. Powerful tier (set) gear can be earned, and they are class-specific.

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Good luck!

Updated to reflect changes, good luck!

Could we get some information about the game?

Could we get some information about the game?

As requested, the Creative Director for Parallels ORPG has provided insight on the project and the OP is updated.

A very nice idea. Is there any chance of getting screenshots?

There are a couple of screenshots (kinda outdated) posted on the project’s page of our website, but they will be updated soon along with some additional information. I will keep everyone posted once this happens.

Updated OP for project details.

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