I’ve been working on this for the past month or so, and it wasn’t until recently that I decided to release it as a open source engine to the public.

CEngineSharp still has a ton of work ahead, and I’m still learning everyday, so any assistance or advice on the project would be amazing!

I’ll try and have some screenshots of the engine and its progress ASAP.

Please look through the thread for screenshots. I’ll have a webpage posted ASAP so that you may easily view all of the progress!

You can find the Github repository here: https://github.com/JohnLamontagne/CEngineSharp/

  • Please note that this is a WIP, and much of the code needs heavy improvements. DO NOT TRY AND USE THIS UNFINISHED PRODUCT!

Best Regards,

General Awesome

Looking good, bro.

Looking good, bro.


Here are some small updates.


Fixed a little bug that was dragging down the FPS.

About a 35% increase in FPS for me.


Just a short video showing off some of the performance tweaks.

I like the style of the login. Looks pretty good, needs lots of work of course but its a good start.  😄

I appreciate work like this. Is this for single player games or multiplayer games?

Yep, that’s how much I’ve worked on. sarcasm

That fps!  😮

Looks good, now you just got to finish and/or release it. 😛

One might say , It’s looking pretty … sharp.



To clarify, the character moving super fast across the screen is the NPC.

What happened to the FPS? It went from 1k to 2xx…

What happened to the FPS? It went from 1k to 2xx…


That’s cool!

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