Endless Waltz

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Current version: Chapter 0
Much more will be added on as time goes by.

The plan is that you no longer have to download anything else. crosses fingers

Introduction: “Hey fellow Eclipsers!”

! Well I’ve taken some time to really look at other good games around here, and just 2D ORPG in general. I thought to myself “What makes Endless Waltz unique?”
! Well for starters we’re not trying to sell you on just bells and whistles. The focus of this game is mostly game play, fighting, looting, changing your characters visuals with equipment and such. Endless Waltz has spent a lot of time giving you the most unique experience in this area ( at least for an eclipse game.) There is a story (a very well thought out story,) quests, adventuring environments, and different things to explore. There is even custom graphics and other resources I’ve made 100% by my own hand. But…that’s not the focus with Endless Waltz! I’m here to tell you if you are looking for a game that competes with games like “World of Magic” on android for mobility and accessibility, Ragnarok Online for sheer beauty and community size, or Crystalshire Online as an example of effort for a single Eclipse Game. Then you’ve come to the wrong place. The main focus of Endless Waltz is to give the players that enjoy playing it (for what it is) a fresh gameplay experience every time they return. One of the methods we do this is by adding random multiple melee attacks for different weapons, which can turn the tide of battle well… randomly, npc’s choose spells to cast at random, some equipment lowers your attack speed, some quickens it, and countless more things. I have spent countless hours testing and probing this engine ( think its safe to say the engine has been in works for years.) and I still enjoy playing the game " I wonder how this class compares to that class… hmmm…"  Once you get to the point where you have figured out how to play, be prepared to spend countless hours fighting something over and over again. Have I mentioned my plans for PVP?..


! Welcome to the world of Waltz! Here in the land of Waltz people strive to make it, there is wonder where ever you go, and it is no hidden fact that the world of Waltz is much larger than the people. Despite its massive size people tend to gather in a single place. Anyone could talk about its wonder and size for days on end, but the past no one really knows a single thing about. The past is shrouded in mystery when it comes to the land of Waltz…….


! Story Part 1: In the past:
! >! The land of Waltz……… All anyone knows is……… There was a massive explosion. The landscape is still scarred as a reminder of what isn’t even really known about. It is pretty hard for the people of Waltz to even survive much less find time to learn of the past. The people strive for simplicity and escape from the surrounding monsters everywhere.
! Story Part 2:In the  present day:
! >! As of lately, there has been a rumor going around that a paradise exists. This paradise seems to meet everyone’s expectations. For those seeking peace, it is where the land has not been scorched, damaged, or intoxicated. For those seeking power, it holds endless amounts powerful weapons and armor. For those seeking knowledge, it holds the apple of education. For those seeking Riches it is said to have mountains of treasures. It seems to meet everyone’s expectation, or so it’s rumored to……
! Story Part 3:The Mystery:
! >! Anyone who has ever seemed to make it to this paradise has never returned to tell about it. Just like the evidence of life after death, it seems to disappear with the person. Some have claimed that they have been at the entrance, but decided not to take the risk. Some would say they have been there and back, and if others follow them they too can get there. No one really knows exactly who to believe about this paradise.
! Story Part 4:Answers:
! There is one form of information that is considered true and whole about this paradise. There is a single clue about it in a lone town. Legend says it’s an artifact that gives the user who touches it a vision and voice of where to start their quest of finding paradise. Oddly enough no one is really able to explain their experience with it after touching it, and those who do come close to explaining the experience of touching the artifact to others, go insane for no reason. This small town has since become the first stop of many travelers’ quest.
! Since the appearance of this artifact the town has been called “Quest Town.” How the artifact got there is unknown. What is known about the artifact is that it works and it cannot be removed, stolen, or destroyed. Many have tried and all have failed. The artifact seems to be harmless in nature unless you try to explain your experience with the artifact, so Quest Town has decided to treat it as a type of tourist attraction.
! Story Part 5: Your journey begins here!
! >! Here in Quest Town you begin your journey and adventure in the Land of Waltz. If you decide to seek paradise no one will judge for that. If you wish to find your own fun or just be useful to the community then you still have the right place! You see…… Waltz is a land that doesn’t force you to do anything. Here in the land of Waltz… We don’t force people to do things…We encourage them to do everything.
! Videos (Only one for now)
! Combo Video - 
! During my last game, the biggest compliant I had was no one understood how to do combos. 
! This video maybe long, but by the end of it you will understand how to use combos. If you don’t understand how to use combos after this video (and trying it yourself) then this game probably isn’t for you.  
! I wouldn’t recommend watching the video off of here. I would go to youtube, and make sure your resolution settings are decent.
!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wBDGMSOcQc
! Screenshots
! There is indeed a story within this world. 
! JC’s pet system with working spells.
! My event set up for a roofing system (harder than you think.)
! >!
! NPC linear spells that cut through everything that is in the way/range. I normally set these up as insta-kill spells since they are so easy to dodge.
! >!
! An example of a combo attack getting released after successfully completing the combo.
! >!
! After Chapter 1 is released (if you have the Chapter 1 pass) you can change your class and keep the level of that class saved. Making it where you can switch between classes freely and at will

! I made those big organic flower plants move. They look alive!
I made the shading you see that acts as shadows from the trees. 

! I made these waterfall graphics myself! 
! You should find these guide tombs around. They give usefully information about the area you are in. I plan on adding more and giving them more detail as well. 

Download link:

Sendspace.com often puts its download link a little hidden at the bottom.

Should say something like “Click here to  download from sendspace.”

Please don’t forget to install the given " install_eo_runtimes" files that come a long with the downlaod.

**A note on bug reporting: **

Not too worried about the game crashing on you as long as its not happening too much. Not too worried about very small and minor grammar/spelling mistakes. Nor anything too small and silly…

That’s not to say that if you find something bugging you that you shouldn’t report it. Nor that we won’t fix it. I would just like to say that I have found all games have some issues and that you can spend more time trying to fix something small than what really matters… Making the game. Should you find something that seems very off to you, please report it under the “Support Section” of this project with the best amount of detail to help us fix it possible.  This way we can help you with the matters you are having troubles with with the best of our capabilities.

im downloading this if this was a engine i would be like SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY (that i dont have)

by the way the IP address is eclipseorigins.com port set already.

ok i sent you a pm lel

by the way the IP address is eclipseorigins.com port set already.

Find and finish the quest " trial quest " for a real challenge, you need to finish the test quests first. I’d recommend being like lvl 10

The library (in game) has allot of useful info.

Uhm, I think the address is being filtered.

Uhm, I think the address is being filtered.

no im playing his game now btw lel replyed to pm

not sure what an IP address being filtered means feels stupid =(

I know this was rushed, but you may want to reorganize your opening. It’s rather messy.

not sure what an IP address being filtered means feels stupid =(

Stein thought that the IP you had was altered by the forums filter.

Isn’t it? you can’t have apostrophes in a URL.

some one come play with me his game

Filtered or not I fixed the post o.O. Not really sure what happened here but the IP is eclipseorigins.com as we are hosting this demo for him for a few weeks.

That was me joking around, JC =p

You don’t have to worry about the IP address, it’s taken care v.v doesn’t matter what you put in that note pad. leave the port alone thou.

@Matthew I think the plan is to start using a sub board soon. More organization will be done then.

Demo tweeks:

Increased the the exp two of the NPC’s give.

Added a rare chance that exp scrolls drop from Sheep

Added EXP scroll for sell at the Pub

Added 3 new skills-books that are buy-able at the Pub

Front Desk Auditor now says at least something after beginning story events.

I added a hidden event that turns the demo into a working gold version of EO 4.0 ( you must get one of each character to lvl 100 before the demo is over)

Presentation tweeks:

Added a flashy little logo.

Cleaned up the topic a bit.

Removed credits for features no longer present.

Falcon Punched JC.

Firstly, the logo isn’t very good, and the slogan currently has no purpose. Try to make the slogan more exciting, or interesting, something that can really attract people into playing your game. Take a look at other games for an examples. Also your post is quite messy, and I found it difficult to read along. Your maps also look a fair bit plain, but you didn’t post to many screenshots so it might not be fair to judge as of yet.

It seems like you have put a lot of work into this, and I commend you for that. I’ll try it out later so I can give you some better advice!

Good luck with your project! 🙂


Well…… saying the logo “isn’t very good” … “isn’t very” nice. It would probably be more accurate to say you didn’t like the logo. Let a couple of comments go by that support that others didn’t like it first. You being the only one (mostly the first one to say it like that) just makes you sound a little rude. You also forgot this is mostly a demo for testing purposes. So things like the slogan are not meant to serve a “purpose”. If I find out that pvp isn’t completely broken including the use of guilds and such. Then I have more to work with. Like “An Endless war with and against your friends!” or something that has more of a “purpose.”

The post is very messy, but I like it. You can open or close what ever spoiler you want to. Maybe you could offer some actual advise as to what I could do to make it more appealing? I could say your hair cut is really unattractive, but it would be much better to say something like “You’d look better shaving all your hair off.”

It would be great for you to try it out later so you can give some better advice (or some actual advice at all.) I did spend some time looking for a game that you had done most of the work on yourself (without much help from others,) So that I could more accurately find out what you might had done in my situation. I had not found anything yet. Maybe I did not look hard enough?

I’ve added a video to watch, demonstrating the combo system and slowly explaining how to use the basics of it.

Combo Video -

During my last game, the biggest compliant I had was no one understood how to do combos.

This video maybe long, but by the end of it you will understand how to use combos. If you don’t understand how to use combos after this video (and trying it yourself) then this game probably isn’t for you.

I wouldn’t recomend watching the video off of here. I would go to youtube, and make sure your resolution settings are decent.


Well…… saying the logo “isn’t very good” … “isn’t very” nice. It would probably be more accurate to say you didn’t like the logo.

No, that logo is very bad. This is not questionable in its integrity. It’s fine for a placeholder that you’re going to eventually improve upon or altogether scrap in lieu of another one, but that in itself is unsuitable for attracting players to your campaign.


I apologize if you don’t think I give “Real advice”, but here is some advice that I’m sure will be very helpful. Don’t take every opportunity to try and attack someone. What do I mean by this? You have a habit of taking everything way to far out of context, and putting others down for what you inaccurately interpret from what they say.

However, I do agree with you. I could have explained as to how you can improve, rather than just pointing out what was bad. I wrongly assumed that you would be able to take the next step yourself and evaluate how you can fix what I pointed out on your own.

A few small tips, you can use the “Bullet” list to help make your lists easier to read. Also, the spacing between half of the spoilers is different, and personally I don’t have OCD, but that still bothers me. You can also bold text for titles, to make the division between each section more obvious. You also don’t need that many spoilers, in fact most of the spoilers you have consist of so little content that your spoilers don’t save that much space anyways. As for your story, I would enjoy reading it if every three sentences was not separated by a spoiler.

There are quite a few more things that I could try and help you point them out, but these are the ones that stood out to me to most, especially the absurd amount of spoilers.

If you could not find the project that I’m working on then you didn’t search hard enough 😜

Also, I think this post is a perfect example of a clean post, and if you wish you can try and learn from the format/layout.

Years in and out of here I’ve yet to see or read a bug reporting topic.

What I have witnessed, overwhelmingly, is frustrated people alienating everyone until no one cared about their project. If you want help, be nice.

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