Humans are nothing but a mere bet in today’s society. Higher class intelligence has taken over.

This is what we would classify as the future. You are forced upon your will, by a slave trader, to

compete in an event in which you are sent into a simulation of the Anglo-Saxon era. Your task

is simple: Eliminate all threats. Your reward will be your release. However, your failure will

ultimately lead to, err, death.

Help Requested:

Sadly, I have given up on this project and cannot work on this anymore. I hate to see all of my hard work go to waste though, so i am giving this project away to any eager developer wishing to take on this task. I dont care how you finish the game, however it is my wish that you would. I just want my name and everyone elses name present into the credits to stay, and I want an email when the game is finished, or some sort of notification. Please, i trust this community can turn my burden into a masterpiece. Please message me on the forums if you wish to take this opportunity.