[PAID/FREE] Need A Programmer!

Alright so I’m wanting to make an MMORPG, not a huge one but still a decent size for people to enjoy playing. I like the Eclipse engine, but I’d like several things modified. I am using the EclipseVB version, so please download that version to modify the source.

Here are some things I know I need for sure to get this game the way I want it to be

Free Movement - No more tiles / grid movement, I want sprites to move by the pixel rather than by tile. “Tiles” can be placed at any pixel, makes for nicer looking maps too. Using WASD controls, EclipseVB is already setup for WASD.

8 Direction Movement - Up, down, left, right, and 4 diagonals. No need for a 8 direction sprite, it will still look alright with 4 direction sprites.

Projectiles - Arrows, fireballs, all those kinds of objects, I’d like to have them move freely as well so they can have angle and not just move straight in a horizontal or vertical direction.

Target System - Scrap this, I don’t want to target anybody, ever… To attack you will click on your target. If you’re melee, you must be in range (within xx pixels, not tiles). If you’re ranged, you shoot an arrow in the direction you click. If you’re magic, you press your spell hotkey and cast spell in direction you click, unless it’s a heal or AoE spell etc. If you click on a friendly NPC, you must be in range, and you will talk to the NPC upon clicking.

If I can’t get the above done on this engine, then I’ll probably just make a single RPG on java or flash. I had a good start with all of the above previously done.

Payment Via PayPal (verified account)

I can pay for these features, unless somebody wants to do this for free then that will be fine for me. Just please know, I’m only paying for true good results.

You don’t need movement per pixel!

Movement per 8 pixels is the way to do it ;) (won’t make a difference for the player’s eye)

How much are you paying?

Payment is to be discussed privately with whoever is interested in the work.

I’m currently discussing some work with Antho3000 on Skype. Abhi2011 said he will try on 8 direction movement. 8 direction movement is pretty simple. Not paying $5 for something like that, but I’ll pay more than that for free movement (no tiles / grid)

EDIT: Antho3000 is going to work on the click to interact system. He is assigned to remove the current target system on Eclipse, and add in a different way to interact with NPC’s and other players. He will do some testing and let me know if he can get some good results.

Working on Pixel Based movement after which I’ll start work on 8dir movement.

Working on Pixel Based movement after which I’ll start work on 8dir movement.

Pixel based movement in an engine that can barely handle tile based movement and combat; I wish you all the luck.

If it doesn’t work out well, I’ll probably just try to make my own single player RPG in Java. Then see if I can get it all setup to be an MMO

Antho3000 - Working on Click to Interact

Abhi2011 - Working on Pixel based 8 directional movement

I hope you dont pay for the Click to interact system…

I made an rightclick menu tutorial and that can be easy changed to an normal click to interact system

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