Script to count the number of packet


I want to creat a function in order to detect if Speed Hack is used in my game.

So i would like to count the number of packet send by the Client in 1 second. (if there is a speed hack, this number will automatically multiplied by 2 or more)

But I have no idea how to proceed…

Anybody can help me?


Ps: Sorry for my English, I’m french ^^

If you want to make sure that not more than 1 packet is being received by the server per server, then this feature already exists.

then this feature already exists

You mean that there is a script available in the forum of Eclipse or there a function included in server source?

The function that handles incoming data which is IncomingData already does this. And Eclipse Origins and all engines based off of it doesn’t support scripting. (Creating your own subs without using the IDE or compiling the source.) You need to hard code everything.

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