Need help Fixing Black squared graphics

i have added resources like trees into the game for woodcutting and when i added it to the map the trees black background is visible now i can erase all the black in the background around the tree and i was wondering if there was a faster way i can remove the black than the eraser tool im using corel paintshop pro.

also wondering if it would be possible for me to use something that just removes all of a certain color ( black ) and then batch process to other graphics.

Might be a little to obvious but you could use the paint bucket to turn everything black to white/transparent.

too* obviously.

And no paint doesn’t work thanks for the attempt.

Using paint bucket would just turn the background white in the game…

Use the mask layer.

If you are using a DX8 engine then make sure the tilesets have a white background. If you are using a DX7 engine make sure that the tilesets have background the same colour as the first pixel in the tilesheet.


Paintshop pro noob here.

How would i use mask layers to fix this?

Quick step by step guide? or reference.

Open up the map editor. Make a ground layer. With the mask layer place stuff like benches, fountains and stuff.

If you’re using Corel Paint Shop Pro, you should get comfortable with the batch processing feature. You can use it to record a series of actions (which you actually perform in real time) and then apply it to however many files you want. In my experiences, five minutes of playing around with it was better than any tutorial.

Also, you can use the magic wand (within the 3 selection options of the toolkit) with a low tolerance (say, the 0-5 range) to select all of a colour, and then press delete to remove that colour. Use the contiguous toggle if only touching pixels should be included.

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