Who can tell me a nice cheap Windows VPS?

I want to know if you used it to host your game, and if you had any problems, etc.

Price: 10$ or less than that/ month.

Or if any of you host for free please PM me.

Good luck finding a good one for less than $10!

Cheapest I’ve found is $10.99, didn’t use that one though. I used the $14.99. It worked fine.


Good, yes around 10$, is ok, I’ll try this one.


They have treated me well so far no problems in the 5 months I’ve used them, cheepest plan is like $11.50/mo not sure how it compares to the other posted one price/feature wise.

If you want I can get you a discount at our VPS host, fairly reliable and good support.

Send me a PM if you want

Mind you nothing under $30.00 - You get what you pay for

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