DeskShare is a pretty simple program. It runs on your desktop and waits for you to drag and drop a file into it, after which it’ll upload the file and return a URL that you may use to access it at a later time.

Here’s the current build:

Version 1.1 is out!

  • Added option to turn Aero’s URL shortener on or off.

  • Added option to launch the file’s URL after the upload is complete.

  • Changed the icon; thank you, Murdoc.

  • Now minimizes to the desktop tray.

Features planned in 1.2

  • Add Facebook integration (i.e., ability to post your newly uploaded photo onto your timeline).

  • Add password security for files.

  • Finish the DeskShare website + integrate the application.

Here are some screen shots of revision 1.1

Version 1.2.0 is out!

  • Moved status label to the top of the screen.
  • Added image display support; you can disable it through the options interface.

  • Added asynchronous file uploading.

  • Started making plans for the website.

nice progress hope see this improve more and more , good luck.

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