6 Icons in the Corner of Eclipse Mega

Ive loaded up Eclipse Mega started server, opened client, registered then entered everything was good and fine, but there was 1 error the 6 Inventory,spells,options,etc… Icons werent there and i couldnt figure out how to get them there - any ideas? :unsure:

We don’t really offer support for custom versions… However, it sounds like the graphic files are missing, hence the error and lack of icons.

I suggest you redownload the engine and make check if the icons are there; your download might have been missing them for some reason.

See any menu buttons in the screenshots?

No error here, folks. You’re not the first to make this mistake. What you mean is there is an extra feature which you’d like to implement. When you use language poorly, you often get less-useful replies like the one above from Goose (who, I think, assumed you know what an error actually is). [/petpeeve]

Anyway, lucky for you, the code was left in, so you can put it back easily! Remove the single quotation marks from the following code:

modGraphics DrawGUI:

    'If GUIWindow(GUI_MENU).Visible Then DrawMenu

modInput HandleMouseMove

                    Select Case i

                        Case GUI_CHAT, GUI_BARS ', GUI_MENU

modInput HandleMouseUp```

                    '    Menu_MouseUp
modInput HandleMouseDown```

                        'Case GUI_MENU

                        '    Menu_MouseDown Button

                        '    Exit Sub

Thank you :)

that was what I wanted Thank You


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