Dx8vb.dll not found GAHHHH!!!

So ive just made a game and it says online on the online status checker.

so to test i put it on a USB and took to Mums laptop got error dx8vb.dll not found, thought it might be the laptop, same thing on Dads computer

So i got a new idea lets put Robins runtime installer on the usb take it to Dads computer install it then try to run it still say Dx8Vb.dll Not found

Help would be very much appreciated as im doing a blog on updates of my game for Tafe(School)

Note:Im Using the Dream world version of the game from Custom Engines

Please and thankyou :blink:

Try to get the DX8, and put it in the folder of the client (obviously sovrascrivila to that already 'present) … or update your directx …

Where about would i find this DX8?

The internet is not a helpful one :P

I sent you the link via mp


My suggestion did not work, this problem is solved by downloading the file again DX8 from here: http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?dx8vb

And to overwrite the one already 'existing in the folder of client propio …

Are you sure you’re installing using the DX8 runtimes, not the DX7 ones? You can download them here.

Alternatively, if you’re on a 64-bit machine you may need to manually register it (dx8vb.dll) in /SysWOW64/.

try download at this link part1 part2 . this can resolve your problem. :rolleyes:

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