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hello. i have a half finish my game but i want test with online server. i have found online server but it from software hamachi, so i dont want use hamachi software because it have limit ip online. i want purchase it to premium but it price is over $100. so this make me sick. so, i want find free online server. anyone know where i must make online server for free?

Just portforward dude if you have a router, if you’re on modem you don’t need to portforward.

Good luck!

so, i want play try test online with my friend. my friend at other place not like me. i at home. i have send game client to him… so, i must change ip with port or not?

Do you have a Router or you’re connected on a Modem?

Because if you have a Router you will have to acces your router, and portforward (search tutorials on this forum)

If you’re connected on a Modem then just put your External IP in Config.ini, and Save, then give the Client to your friends, open the Server, and play online.

You can find your External IP here:

great . i use modem. i have already tested it but failed. i make port 7001. should i must change port? if i must change port, what port number i must put?

Try 7001 or 8000, to make sure it works, put your External IP in Config.ini, open the Server then, go on this website

and write your port from Config.ini, if the checker says your port is Open, then it’s all good.

i already make you say but this problem come to me. port 7001 and 8000 not open.

It is also very possible that it’s being blocked by your network firewall. Do a web search using terms “port forwarding” and your firewall’s program name (e.g., Norton, McAfee, Avast, etc.)

it same when i off/on my firewall… but my ip in website with cmd, its different. not same ip.





SavePass= 0

IP= Your External IP

Port= 8000


Music= 1

Sound= 1

Debug= 1

Do not forget to open the SERVER when checking for your Port.

i have make it, it success but my port is problem… when i see my port at it’s say closed. i not use router, only modem. furthermore, my modem cannot login at default gateway.

problem resolved. i install wampserver at my computer for home server. after that, i register my ip at as public server then i combine them. now i can make people online… thanks for all people at this topic trying help me.

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