Copile error

Hi, I decided to continue my old project these days, but now I’m with a little problem…

I’ve searched at all forum, found a lot of solutions, but I couldn’t solve it

When I’m copiling appears this error:


Private Sub lvwInfo_ColumnClick(ByVal ColumnHeader As MSComctlLib.ColumnHeader)

'When a ColumnHeader object is clicked, the ListView control is sorted by the subitems of that column.

'Set the SortKey to the Index of the ColumnHeader - 1

'Set Sorted to True to sort the list.

If lvwInfo.SortOrder = lvwAscending Then

		 lvwInfo.SortOrder = lvwDescending


I’ve already installed the VB6 SP6, the libraries and runtimes, restarted the PC a lot of times, reinstalled the VB a lot too…

Please help me and stay calm with me hehe… ^_^

Sry for a new topic about this… :wacko:

Have you added MSComctLib to your project? VB6 could think it’s a user-defined type. You can use ctrl+t to add it in.

Sorry I didn’t understood what u said at all… Is it for me to download this MSComctLib and add it at VB6 using ctrl+t? can you explain a little more detailed?

And another thing I forgot to say… This is happen only with the server, the client is ok. And it is happen with any version of EO, incluiding a empty one… thx

  • Open up server.vbp.
  • Go to Projects -> Components OR Press Ctrl+T OR go to the toolbar right click and choose Components
  • In the Components window find 'Microsoft Windows Common Control 6.0 (SP6) OR click on the browse button and type in the filename ‘mscomctl.ocx’ in System32.
  • Press OK.
  • Recomile

When I open the server.vbp appears it:

Microsoft Visual Basic


‘C:\Users\Augusto\Desktop\Eclipse - Event System 2.3\server\MSCOMCTL.OCX’ could not be loaded–Continue Loading Project?

When I add the ‘mscomctl.ocx’ to the components and click OK, it shows:


Microsoft Visual Basic

‘’ could not be loaded

And if I press Ctrl+T again there will be no ‘Microsoft Windows Common Contro 6.0 (SP6)’ marked… =/

Have you put mscomctl.ocx in your server folder, like the path in the error message?

I’m not sure if it must also be registered in your system files.

I registered the ocx now and added the file at the folder, but the error continues…

It should be working now… Try adding it again as a component in the IDE.

When I try to add it again it shows that " ‘’ could not be loaded "

I’ll try reinstall the whole VB6

And nothing happened…

First of un-register mscomctl.ocx from the current directory. To do this go to command prompt with administrator access and type in the following.

regsvr32 {path of mscomctl.ocx} -u

After it has successfully unregistered copy it to system32. (C:\windows\system32) After copying it there re-register it. Delete your current copy of your engine. (Or just remove the src folder and the .vbp. Both server side.) And download the engine again and use it. (Or copy the src files and .vbp file from the vanilla engine you just download)

But when I add it, it fail…

Specify the errors if any along with a screenshot.

I already said… When I add it at complements and press OK, it says ‘’ could not be loaded

just another thing, I’m using windows 7 64, so I’m not using system32

You’ll notice it says " instead of the actual name. This is a good indication that it isn’t recognizing the OCX, probably because it isn’t registered.

Have you registered it in System64 then? I don’t know how offhand - but Google does.

I registered the one at SysWOW64

Make sure to also register in System32 as these are not 64-bit dlls, they are 32-bit.

I’m not succeding with any of the solutions that u guys send me =( God help me!

Here’s ALL errors


Make sure to also register in System32 as these are not 64-bit dlls, they are 32-bit.

Seems you also had this problem last year. Was your issue fixed by registering the OCX?

Someone posted a potential solution in that thread:

I know that this topic is a bit old but you didn’t update the post if you have it working or not. If you do nice I would like to post another solution to this problem if someone else runs across the same issue.

Open you VB6 project in notepad and find this line.

Object={831FDD16-0C5C-11D2-A9FC-0000F8754DA1}#2.0#0; MSCOMCTL.OCX

See the 2.0 in that line if it is 2.0 on yours as well then change it to 2.1

If you have 2.1 then change it to 2.0 or if you don’t want to guess check the ocx version that is currently installed but the most common versions are those two then just save the notepad and open your project the regular way.

Good Luck

If that doesn’t work - is there any extra information in your frmServer.log?

I did that, register the ocx and then put it at Alt+T…

I still have two problems, the frmServer.log, that I don’t know why is happening, and that I still can’t copile or play, because of “User-defined type not defined.”

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