Makes me laugh.

So been playing a single player game which is majorly modded. Kinda found out something random about one of the mods I did not know was in it. Had to take a screen shot because it made me laugh so hard.

What the mod does is makes it so you can interact with the villagers marry them, have children(then put you slaves err children to work).

But as you can see that’s not the only thing you can do with your children LOL.

And yes that is a hooka in the background.

If only I could host a sever with all these mods or find one to play on lol.

oh dear god

That’s rather sad and not funny at all.

well it works quite well for me lol. since something with one of the other mods i use make its glitch out a little and instead of giving me only 1 infant it gives me around 3-10 and only 1 will grow up into a child and the others just kinda stay there as worth less junk.

I was just pitching them into a pit of lava but now that I can cook them and feed them to my other children It takes game play to a whole another level lol.

That’s rather sad and not funny at all.

Also you dont understand why I find this funny.

First off I dont think its funny to cook children.

But yes it is kinda funny that someone would randomly add this to minecraft without posting it in the feature list. Reason I found out wasnt because I was trying to cook them. I found out because like I said my game is modded, I have a craft guide that shows all the recipes and things that can be cooked, when I saw the babies on the cook list I was like … wtf how random can you get.

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