Zero gold

help please… i playing game, gold in my game is 0g (zero gold). when i added money to my character, its zero gold too. my gold has not change… what this problem… anyone can fix it?

How did you added gold? If you are using admin panel then you should know that it’s dropping gold on the ground and you must to take it.

yeah. i already use admin panel like that but total gold not change… still zero.

So afther picking up gold , inventory item (gold/money) doesnt increase?

What version do you use, what modifications have you done, and do server show any errors when ur running though vb6 ?

Make sure:

  • That this gold is the FIRST item in the Item Editor. It must be the first in the index. If it isn’t, make it that.
  • In the Item Editor, make sure it has the Currency type on the Item Type selection box. Fix it if it isn’t.
  • Make sure you actually have the gold in your inventory!

If it doesn’t show after the above, show me a screenshot of your item editor, and your inventory and gold label.

Did you put it into your inventory or onto the ground? Press space to pick up items.

resolved… i copy all original src server files to my project game. make me smile when have backup… :rolleyes:

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