Eclipse origin 3.0

hello… i use eo 2.0 but not more function. so i want use eo 3.0. i have already find eo 3.0 but not found. can anyone share eclipse orogins 3.0 link to me?(this topic) please…

file download deleted bro… can you reupload?

Go to the Custom Versions board and make a search there.

I recommend Eclipse The Final Frontier, since it’s pretty obvious you don’t know VB6 it’s a DX8 custom version with alot of features + It is being updated & worked on unlike EO 3.0.

The link.

wow. thanks for that… long time i find this. now i see that now… thankssss… now i credit to you… haha

Edit the topic tag to solved if this has been solved.

sorry, i newbie. half 1 hour try search how to change topic to resolved but not found. can anyone tell me how to do it?

Edit first topic with full edit and below Topic name will be unsolver/resolved, a combo box. :D

updated to resolve. thankssss…

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