Need help adding Items into game

I’m using eclipse 3.0 : http://www.touchofde…releases-24-30/

And right now all i’m trying to do is get all the resources i need to start making a game and well i need more items so i downloaded

10k icons : http://www.touchofde…cons-in-1-pics/

now in my client>data files>graphics>items

it lists png files named 1,2,3,4 to 16 which each of these are a single item (two side by side: one with black background and one white background) and the 10k icons is 1 png file with 10,000 so i’m stumped on how i can actually use these icons as items. you need to convert the file to a .jpg and then use that program, then batch convert to png. hope this helps!

Thanks trying this now

This image splitter is for sprites so when i load the 10k icons it just makes strips of what used to be the whole thing i need the individual items out of it

You have the source, it’s not hard to change it to work with just items ;) but i can do it if you can’t make it. gonna take a little bit though

I’m using EO 3.0 now like you had suggested before in another one of my questions.

So what program would i need for it like vb6 or whatever these program names I’ve been seeing on the forums.

i haven’t been on this website for a while now so I’m not sure cause i don’t remember using these.

i need these to edit source correct?

and if you could do that for me that would be nice. thanks

you need vb6 in order to edit the source of any Visual Basic Projects(.vbp) and alright

vb6 Ok thanks for the help

You can either edit the source as growlith recommended, or edit the image files using a batch converter.

Paintshop Pro and Photoshop have powerful batch processors where you can record altering one file (say, one strip of those items), save the recording, and then apply it to as many files as you’d like.

I wouldn’t be able to fix it. newbie 😕

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