Story/Quest Writer

I currently have a position open for a story/quest writer. At the moment, I am just looking for someone to write the main story for a military/rebellion ORPG. If after you demonstrate the quality I request, and feel you’d enjoy working on the game; I will offer you a permanent job. You then will be responsible for writing anything needed for the game itself, as followed:

  • Quest Storylines

  • Item/Skill Descriptions

  • NPC Biographies

  • Area & Location Descriptions

The traits you should demonstrate are as followed:

  • Creativity

  • Willingness to speak your mind

  • Understanding of Military/Rebellion Stories

  • Ability to work at a moderate pace

Please PM on the forums and send me a link or a story you’ve written. This should demonstrate the traits I am looking for above. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Paid, Free? Give details before they close your thread.

If payment isn’t mentioned, I expect people to understand it is a free position. Thanks for your concern.

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