Bad Graphics Movement HELP pwease

Pwease help im stumped

Ok so i have alot of sprites in rpg maker vx graphics so the little dinky ones

the engine i want to use uses the same little dinky ones but, the version i want to use has 4 lines of sprite pictures so in images it has

(sprite up)(sprite up)(sprite up)(sprite up)

(sprite left)(sprite left)(sprite left)(sprite left)

(sprite down)(sprite down)(sprite down)(sprite down)

(sprite right)(sprite right)(sprite right)(sprite right)

how can i make the version only need 3 lines of sprites cause its starting to bug me i want

(sprite up)(sprite up)(sprite up)(BLANK)

(sprite left)(sprite left)(sprite left)(BLANK)

(sprite down)(sprite down)(sprite down)(BLANK)

(sprite right)(sprite right)(sprite right)(BLANK)

  • Cause currently while i walk in game with my sprites that are

(Sprite left)(sprite left)(sprite left)(BLANK), every 4 steps the picture dissappears i want it to only have 3 steps so the picture never dissappears

I do have VB6

Would really appreciate help please and thankyou :)

–Sorry about how terrible i am at explaining im not very good at explaining would make a terrible teacher) :(

Use a converter I could tell you about one in pm since I cannot post the link here.

That is for 3 frame to 4 frame sprites.

And it’s Please Not Pwease.

Sent u a message :)

This compatibility may already be built in to your engine. Search for “VXFrame As” in VB6. If you find it in modConstants, set it to true. That’s all you should need to do.

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