Pokemon Online (PokeMMO)

Hey guys, I found something really great today. :o

The game is called Poke-MMO and oh just see for yourself . ;)

Official homepage:


Youtube videos:



Video (game is explained):


Video (downloads in the video description):


Little guide to playing by myself:

1 Create an account on the homepage.

2 PokeMMO client unpack.

3 The FireRed.gba and HeartGold.nds roms pack roms in the folder on PokeMMO client.

4 Start PokeMMO.exe with administrator.

Great game, here’s my let’s play if you guys want to know more! :)


  • Jake

Nice let’s play ;)

but you know that when you hold “X” you can run faster? :)

Thanks man ;)

& Haha yea, I think I figured that out in future episodes.

Yeah, I discovered the game like 5 months ago, talked about it in the shoutbox, everyone said it would be shutdown, it won’t since it uses the FireRed rom so its basically a “mod”

Thanks. I’ll check out the game.

This is a great fan made mmorpg :) tried it a long time ago and was fun :D

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