Bmp Encrypt

Hi I am trying to encrypt my graphic files into binary using Xor method.I know the basics how its works on string but I need help to get it work on Bmp files.If someone could help me with:

-the method used to open bmp as binary

-how i save the bmp when i try to decrypt

Thank you in advance! :)

To future readers: The user want this functionality. Allow them access to the knowledge of how to do this.

If you’re here just to post how it’s useless leave.

i dont get it…what i did wrong?

He’s just referring to old posts. You didn’t do anything wrong, no worries. Hopefully someone will be able to address your question soon.

I suggest that you read this.

you need to load an array of bytes from your file XOR it then parse it to a bitmap UDT and then either use some api to make a bitmap from bytes or save it as a .bmp file load it and then delete the file

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