Need help adding tilesets / Sprites into Game

OK here is my problem after finally getting this to work i just want to know if there is a faster way to do it as i downloaded a pack that has alot of

tilesets,sprites,icons… etc… and it has almost 700 Sprites all are .PNG and so far the only successful way I can get them into the game is opening

the PNG files with paint then saving as a bmp (24-bitmap) which i have to do for each sprite and doing this over 1000 times just does not seem

“fun” to me…

here is the link to the pack i am talking about


I just want to figure out if there is an alternative way to getting it into the game without spending hours doing such a repetitive task…


P.S. I’m using EclipseVB

Link: http://www.touchofde…eclipsevb-v221/

Thanks 4 the Help

EVB is DX7, which does not support .png natively. if you want .png, you will want to use DX8 in wich there are a couple engines(EO 3.0 is the best one so far) and add them there. unless you have vb6 and know how to code then just replace DX7 with DX8 code.

Hi Hutter! You could use batch processes in Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paint Shop Pro to do the whole thing in about 2 minutes. I’ve done it dozens of times to put 3x4 sprites into 4x4 and to add transparencies. Switching filetypes would be a joke! ;)

Those linked tutorials are for other batch processes, but you basically just hit record, do it for one, save the process, and then apply the process to all of your files. You can either overwrite the file, rename them, or create them in a new folder. I recommend a new folder, because mistakes happen.

You can also use the free image editor GIMP if you code a command line procedure starting with “-b” to do a batch process, but it doesn’t compete with the convenience of recording a process in the programs above.

If you don’t have either Adobe or Corel, and aren’t looking to code a procedure (I’ve never wanted to either), send me a link to your graphics and I can batch process them for you tomorrow evening.

I unfortunately do not have either Corel or adobe PS

ill check out GIMP now and look into downloading Corel or Adobe PS

and if i cant figure this out with EclipseVB then i will definitely get EO 3.0 as growlith suggested.

ill update on what i got to work soon

thanks to both of you for the replies

EDIT: Downloading Corel PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate Trial will take about an hour.

I strongly suggest Eclipse The Final Frontier if you do not play on learning / do not know VB6.

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