(c+c) Advice needed

Hey, I am working on a 2d mmorpg (Tria) and I need some advice and opinions on my Weapons / Base sprite I have so far.

edits are indeed welcome to show me visually where I need to improve at.

There very nice and old style it’s cool

One thing you have to consider is the size you are working with. You mentioned this is for your game. With the size you currently have you won’t have a lot of space for customization, though it isn’t impossible it becomes mostly interpretation.

As for the how it looks, I think it’s going pretty well so far. However, for the right/left directional sprite you currently have his shoulders seem awfully shrugged up.

Damn. Those sprites are nearly as tiny as Kusy’s pecker. Too small for a PC game imo.

I’m curious to see how they match the environment. Got any tilesets to show off?

I know you love me and my pecker, no matter our size Nook.

I wouldn’t be thrilled to start playing a game where my only character is smaller than my pinky nail, but for the size constraints I think you’re doing an excellent job. Some of the items aren’t quite proportional to the character size, but that’s something of an RPG convention anyway.

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